Want to sell your house? Here’s all you need to do…



Simply fill out the “Contact Us” form to the right, give us a call, or shoot us an email.  We’ll ask a few simple questions about the property and then do some homework.


Once we’ve completed our research for your neighborhood, we’d like to see the house.  This takes less than a half hour.  Please don’t worry about the condition of the house.  We’re only interested in its potential.

 Step 3:  THE SALE

If it makes sense, we’ll make you a cash offer – sometimes even during our property visit.

If you decide the offer works for you, we will sign a purchase agreement. Then a local title company will begin the paperwork.  Once the legal documents are in order, you’ll go to the title company’s office to sign the documents and you leave with a cashier’s check for the full agreed upon amount.



We’re here to help you with the Sale of your home, regardless 0f its condition – and we’ll buy it Cash.  You could be out in as little as 2-weeks.

 We don’t operate like typical real estate agents. 

  • There is NO realtors commission
  • There are NEVER any Fees…None
  • There is NO Obligation
  • We’ll provide you a FREE Market Analysis of your house

We can help sellers, in every conceivable situation, solve their real estate problems. Give us the opportunity and we will help you get rid of the hassle of selling your house so that you can get on with your life.

Some folks who would like to sell their home or other real property learn just how costly it can be to make the necessary repairs to sell at “retail”.  We help you with this and buy if from you “as is”!

Home inspections can be very unforgiving when it comes to the condition of your property.

  • Have a leaky roof or foundation that needs to be repaired?
  • Have plumbing issues or under the slab drain line leaks?
  • Updates needed such as appliances, cabinets or counter-tops?
  • Are some of your doors sticky or hard to close?
  • Does the house need paint or drywall repairs?

Maybe you’re faced with other challenges.

  • Dealing with the passing of a loved one?  Need to settle an estate?
  • Are you a bit behind on your payments?  Hey, this can happen to any of us.
  • Facing a balloon payment coming due?
  • Going through a divorce?
  • Changing jobs or relocating?
  • Tired of being a “landlord”?
  • Bought a new home and the sale on your old home fell apart?
  • Is your house vacant?  Are you making double payments?

Or simply, do you just want to sell your house quickly?

If you don’t want to spend the time and money interviewing contractors, getting bids and managing a large remodeling project; let us help you.  Sell your home to us for a bit less than full retail and move on.

We are a local, family owned Real Estate Investment Company (Mom, Pop & Son).  If you’re interested in selling your home, we’d like to provide you with a FREE Market Analysis and a cash offer for your property. Or if you prefer, we can “list” your home for you at a lower commission rate then other realtors.

Please, contact us now, we are here to help!

Text, call or shoot off a quick email!

(972) 379-7448 ~~ Email: info@texasres.net

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